Welcome to our office

Make yourselves at home

We’re here every day. Researching, starting projects, constantly coding, creatively designing, planning new ideas, drinking too much coffee and laughing quite loudly.


Our goal is to create ingenious interfaces and web projects that are profitable for every client

In sports, if you fall, you get up and carry on. At some point, the athlete stops paying attention to the falls and perceives them as part of the process. The same thing happens in web development. Even if something did not work out for you, you get up and continue trying to find a solution. That’s what we do at grepex technologies.

Our internal rules:

  • We do not take on more projects than we can fulfill
  • There is no hierarchy in the company. Everyone is equal and equally valuable
  • Mutual respect and care
  • There is no shifting of responsibility. Everybody is responsible
  • Openness and honesty to customers and team members
  • It is important to keep your word and promises

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